GlobalARRK launches its Remote Legal Clinic

GlobalARRK is delighted to announce that this month we launched our first pilot Remote Legal Clinic session!

This month the clinic benefited from legal advice from MSB / Katie Camozzi. We are grateful to all of our Network partners who have signed up so far including Carolina Marin Pedreno, Marianna Michaelides, Sarah Inchley, Forum Shah, Kirsty Leedam, Simon Craddock, Kim Lehal, Joanna Farrands, Alison Leviesley, Gemma Kelsey,Amy Rowe and Maria Wright.

The Legal Clinic enables Stuck Parents who are without legal representation to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable solicitor regarding a 1980 Hague Convention International Parental Abduction or International Relocation matter in England and Wales.

This project is funded by The National Lottery Grant we received earlier this year and seeks to:

  • Inform Stuck Parents of legal options
  • Give access to justice to disadvantaged Stuck Parents
  • Inform Stuck Parents about Legal Aid availability
  • Find representation for Stuck Parents parents

We are delighted to announce we will be rolling this out as a monthly service from Autumn 2024 for our service users.


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