GlobalARRK is all about helping stuck parents around the world. As part of our aims we are creating statistics on this issue so that we can show them to decision makers to promote awareness and ultimately change the law. Thank you for taking the time to add your experiences; it should take less than 10 minutes to complete this survey but will make a huge difference! Your responses will be confidential: we take security very seriously and responses received are double password protected

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Statistics so far: April 2018

Our survey includes responses from 260 ‘stuck’ parents: those parents who are unable to legally return with their children to live in their ‘home’ country.

Here are some results:

  • 98% of stuck parents that contact us are primary carer mothers

Abuse is alarmingly high among our stuck parents:

  • 95 mothers (37%) suffered physical violence
  • 192 mothers (75%) suffered emotional & psychological abuse
  • 200 mothers (78%) suffered controlling behaviour
  • 154 mother suffered financial abuse (59%)
  • 39 (15%) suffered sexual abuse.
  • Overall only 10% say they did NOT suffer any kind of abuse after moving abroad & becoming a stuck parent.

30% have been accused of international child abduction and been through a Hague Convention Case.

  • 22% of those who had gone through a Hague case (civil) also had criminal charges brought against them.

Immediate outcome of The Hague case was:

  • 64% returned with their children
  • 23% (17 cases – could be more children) returned alone, without their primary carer mother. The rest of the cases were ongoing.

To the 70 mothers who had ‘taken’ their child, we asked:

‘Q: What is your reason for wanting to go home?

Looking just at the 70 ‘abducting’ parents they said they:

  • Missed family and friends (85%)
  • Had financial difficulties (75%)
  • Didn’t feel safe (70%)
  • Didn’t have a visa to live and/ or work (20%).