GlobalARRK’s mission is to prevent international custody disputes and reduce their devastating impact on children and parents stuck in a foreign country by raising awareness and connecting parents to support services to meet their needs.

Who are we helping?

GlobalARRK supports single migrant families who are ‘stuck’ in a country that is foreign to them, struggling to cope. They are at high risk of harm from domestic abuse and other risk factors such as poverty, isolation, homelessness, lack of immigration status and mental health issues.

What is a Stuck Parent?

A stuck parent is a parent who is unable to lawfully return to live in the country they consider ‘home’ with their children after an international residence / custody dispute.
Stuck parents often struggle with issues such as loneliness, unemployment, language barriers, visa restrictions, lack of legal status.

  • 81% report they have suffered domestic abuse
  • 43% report language barriers in the country they are ‘stuck’ in
  • 47% don’t have legal representation
  • 62% report they are experiencing financial difficulties
  • 70% report they need emotional support
  • 38% are in insecure housing
  • 20% do not have a visa to live where they are ‘stuck’