Our Parent Support Activities and Impact:

  • We have supported 346 new and 298 existing stuck parents this year. We have given free
    supportive calls to 293 families.
  • 88 parents have been added to a peer support group. We sent 3,113 supportive emails.
  • We have dealt with 87 safeguarding concerns.
  • We have signposted 178 parents to local charities or organisations that can assist them.
  • We have sent 223 Information Guides to parents.
  • We have supported 27 parents with specialist Relocation advice from an International
    social worker.
  • Our befriending team of 9 volunteers have befriended 30 stuck parents with 121 calls.

GA offered me a safe haven, when everything
around me was falling apart and nobody
understood what was happening to us, even
the ones who were trying to give us advice.
Unless you have been through this process
yourself or are very close to someone who has,
you cannot know the dark web of suffering
and despair that it plungers you into. ..Having
the support of the others stuck parents has
been a life-saver in my darkest, scariest
moments, when I feared the worse, and was
confronted with such cruel and overwhelming
waves of attacks by my narcissistic ex. It was
invaluable to have these amazing, strong
people hold my hand through it all, with
unwavering support amidst such darkness.” –

A Stuck Parent