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We are the only charity in the world supporting stuck parents and children in need of help with domestic violence, isolation and poverty.

Please consider donating. £40 will fund our helpline for a week allowing parents to contact us much more easily.

Currently we are raising money to fund training for volunteers, equipment and ongoing core costs. Any sized donation will make a huge difference.

If you are a UK tax payer please donate via Virgin as we can claim the tax back – 25% extra for the charity! Otherwise donate via Paypal – you can do a bank tranfer via Paypal. Thank you for your support!

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Why donate to GlobalARRK?

90% of ‘stuck’* parents who contact us have experienced Domestic Violence abroad. Your donation will enable our charity to develop services to keep these families safe: We will provide safety plans, specialist information, signposting to local support services and 1:1 support.

This is one of many projects that GlobalARRK run in our mission to support parents who are ‘stuck’ in a foreign country after a relationship breakdown abroad.

We rely 100% on donations to continue our work so please give generously.

Summary of our Main Activities 2017- 2018:

GlobalARRK is the only charity aiming to tackle the underlying causes of ‘International Parental Child Abduction’ (IPCA) by providing holistic support to parents going through international child custody disputes including Relocation and Hague Convention cases. We offer to help with the emotional and practical needs of the ‘stuck’ parent and child, whether that be finding a domestic violence hostel or an international mediator. Our peer to peer support groups reduce isolation and increase empowerment enabling parents to act legally and continue to care for their children. The aftermath of IPCA can be devastating: emotionally and financially. For the child it can mean several cross-border upheavals, exposure to high conflict and violent situations and can even result in the loss of contact with one parent. There is a huge amount of work still to be done but our charity has a solutions-based approach and plans to introduce innovative projects designed to tackle the root causes of IPCA and reduce conflict in international residence disputes.

Our achievements last year include:

  • 110 parents have been added to a peer to peer support group
  • Volunteers have spoken with over 100 parents to find positive ways through their situation
  • Published information and resources on our website
  • Given 125 parents information sheets on The Hague and Relocation
  • Passed on 100 parents recommendations for a lawyer or mediator
  • Contributed towards research on the child’s role in Hague Convention cases
  • Raised awareness in the media in newspapers and national TV
  • Given talks to other organisations on how to support stuck parents
  • Met with decision makers to highlight the stuck parent issue

*Definition of a a stuck parent:  one who has moved abroad and is unable to return to live in their home country with their child


One mother said:

Such an amazing organization, the love and support I receive every day from them (and the other stuck parents) is invaluable. No matter which why our lives go, I’ll always be a part of this incredible group and will help them any way I can. I’ve met so many strong, brave women who have inspired me to be the same. I wouldn’t wish this situation on my worst enemy but I take comfort in knowing I’m not in it alone and that there are many others like me, who understand what I’m going through. Thank you Globalarrk I couldn’t imagine doing this without you Sarah

What they don’t tell you about moving abroad! – Youtube

Future Projects for 2018/19/20 include:

Some of these interventions & projects will only be possible with funding, others we can do with the help of our committed volunteer team.

  • Developing Information Guides for international parents
  • Domestic Violence Package & Safety plans abroad
  • A new tool for parents: The International family Mediator and Lawyer locator
  • Translator project: sharing language skills to help one another
  • Well-being courses for stuck parents
  • Country Fact Files: including immigration, benefits & charity information
  • Advice packs for Apart parents: staying close to your child across borders