We are a UK registered charity set up to support international parents who have moved abroad and cannot return to live in their home country with their children.

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GlobalARRK started in 2012 as a Facebook Page called Expat Stuck Mums, aiming to connect with other parents stuck in foreign countries around the world. Within a year, hundreds of parents had found the group and were desperate for help: they needed information about navigating complex international custody and relocation systems, emotional support and practical advice on how to survive in a foreign country. However there was no help available from other charities or from governments. Soon, stuck parents were offering to volunteer with the group and the organisation grew: it wasn’t just a networking tool anymore, it was also supporting, educating and researching.

Prevention and awareness-raising are our primary aims. We have produced a YouTube video, written articles, appeared on podcasts and worked with the media. Our website offers information and resources for stuck parents as we believe that every family moving abroad should be fully informed.

We have also established stuck parent peer support groups around the world and now have groups in Australia, NZ, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the USA and the UK. We also have a World group and an Apart group for parents without their children. These groups are giving parents the strength to remain with their child for long periods of time whilst a relocation case progresses (this can take up to 5 years).

Statistics are hard to come by, so we have worked hard to collect our own. Our first questionnaire, in 2015, was completed by 200 parents and showed that there were major issues surrounding domestic violence, poverty and hardship faced by stuck parents and their children. It also showed that very few parents were aware of The Hague Convention before moving abroad. Our current questionnaire is even more detailed and has so far received 200 responses in 6 months.

In November 2016 we registered as a UK registered charity. We are still all volunteers, and are dependent on donations for funding. There is currently no other organisation that we are aware of which specifically helps stuck parents or tries to tackle the underlying issues behind ‘parental child abduction’.

Check out our latest annual report here:

GlobalARRK Annual Report 2017-18


Let us help you and your family

What we do

We support parents

  • Provide chat-line support online through Facebook and email
  • Connect parents locally around the world
  • Signpost to other helpful resources & organisations

We raise awareness of the issues

  • Publish information
  • Help the media to inform the public
  • Highlight issues for decision makers
  • Give informative talks and presentations

Promote research & Collect Statistics

  • Collect our own statistics through the survey for stuck parents.
  • Support other research by linking researchers up with case studies.

Our Team

At GlobalARRK we are passionate about helping stuck parents.

  • Kim Moore: Marketing & Communications

    Kim helps manage the GlobalARRK website, including writing the blog and any other Marketing Communications that the charity needs support with. She discovered GlobalARRK in early 2017 after withdrawing her…...

  • Claire Titchmarsh: Moderator

      Claire is a former paralegal, EFL teacher and for the past 14 years a freelance translator. She first discovered GlobalARRK in 2014, when she faced a stuck parent situation…...

  • Kate Hollingsworth: Lawyer Liaison

    Kate is GlobalARRK’s Lawyer Liaison and joined the GlobalARRK team after initially receiving their support when she was a stuck parent herself for many years in the West Indies.  Having…...

  • Siobhan: Parent support volunteer

      Siobhan was a stuck parent many years ago in Florida, and although her case was successfully resolved she has not forgotten how hard it was being a stuck parent.…...

  • Ann Wise: Parent support volunteer

    Ann is a mother of two and after a period of living abroad has settled in the UK. She offers a non-judgemental, genuine and empathetic ear having studied counselling to…...

  • Roz Osborne: Founder & Chair of Trustees

    Roz is the founder of GlobalARRK, which she started in 2012 when she was a stuck parent in Portugal. Roz and the amazing team of volunteers have achieved so much…...

  • Iva Petzold: Trustee

    Iva first contacted GlobalARRK in 2013 as a stuck parent. After her case was successfully resolved Iva was keen to help others and started to volunteer for GlobalARRK in 2015.…...

  • Costas Calamvokis: Trustee

    Costas has a background in designing computer chips and a degree in electrical engineering from Imperial College, London. He has supported the design and implementation of our IT systems including…...