Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes

The GlobalARRK team are all volunteers, many of us have been a stuck parent.

Please see below some of our volunteering roles currently on offer. Email Roz on: roz@globalarrk.org for more information

GlobalARRK Parent Support Volunteers needed in England, UK

About us:

GlobalARRK is a UK charity working to support single parents (mostly mums) who can’t return to their home country after a relationship breakdown abroad.

Roz Osborne, founded the organisation in 2012 when she was a stuck parent. Since then GlobalARRK team has grown and helped over 1,000 parents.

We are all volunteers but work tirelessly to improve the situation of stuck parents, on all levels. We work from home but are well connected through online communication.

We offer stuck parents:

  • A listening ear
  • Information
  • Peer support groups
  • Signposts to local charities
  • Lawyer contacts for free expert advice

Job description:

Volunteers will be speaking to single parents (99% are mums) abroad who are ‘stuck’ in a foreign country and can’t return to their home country with their children. Many of the mums we support have experienced domestic violence, homelessness and legal problems abroad. They can be very isolated and depressed. Some of them have been accused of international child abduction. We are the only organisation in the world supporting these ‘stuck’ parents and the parents are incredibly grateful for our support. We are helping parents to find a way through with their children, often enabling them to stay with their children. It’s an incredibly difficult but rewarding job.

We need parent support volunteers to:

  • Speak to parents via internet call
  • Add parents to our peer support groups
  • Pass on information (not advice!)

You need:

  • A non- judgmental and open-minded approach
  • A calm and caring attitude
  • Good IT skills or the capacity to learn! You will be trained in: Googledocs, Hubspot CRM, Google hangouts, Telegram and Facebook!
  • 4+hours a week – one morning or afternoon.
  • Your own computer & internet connection (we all currently work from home)

We offer:

  • Training on call handling, working with domestic violence victims, basic international law information.
  • Job satisfaction from knowing you have changed lives for the better
  • A brilliant team to work with
  • Experience in Advice line work, supporting some of the neediest families around the world.
  • Travel expenses


If you are interested in finding out more send Roz an email: roz@globalarrk.org



The GlobalARRK team are all volunteers, many of us have been a stuck parent but this is not a requirement.

If you would like to offer help to a stuck parent, or have a specific skill that you think we may need please email: roz@globalarrk.org