Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes

The GlobalARRK team are all volunteers, many of us have been a stuck parent.

Please see below some of our volunteering roles currently on offer. Email info@globalarrk.org for more information

Job description:

Volunteers will be speaking to single parents (99% are mums) abroad who are ‘stuck’ in a foreign country and can’t return to their home country with their children. Many of the mums we support have experienced domestic violence, homelessness and legal problems abroad. They can be very isolated and depressed. Some of them have been accused of international child abduction. We are the only organisation in the world supporting these ‘stuck’ parents and the parents are incredibly grateful for our support. We are helping parents to find a way through with their children, often enabling them to stay with their children. It’s an incredibly difficult but rewarding job.

We need parent support volunteers to:

  • Speak to parents via internet call
  • Add parents to our peer support groups
  • Pass on information (not advice!)

You need:

  • A non- judgmental and open-minded approach
  • A calm and caring attitude
  • Good IT skills or the capacity to learn! You will be trained in: Googledocs, Hubspot CRM, Google hangouts, Telegram and Facebook!
  • 4+hours a week – one morning or afternoon.
  • Your own computer & internet connection (we all currently work from home)

We offer:

  • Training on call handling, working with domestic violence victims, basic international law information.
  • Job satisfaction from knowing you have changed lives for the better
  • A brilliant team to work with
  • Experience in Advice line work, supporting some of the neediest families around the world.
  • Travel expenses

We are excited about creating an advisory board to support our charitable aim to prevent international custody disputes, including IPCA, by raising awareness and providing support to disadvantaged parents ‘stuck’ in a foreign country after a relationship breakdown.

We are looking for a diverse range of professionals to come together a few times a year to discuss the bigger picture including possible solutions and goals for GlobalARRK that could have a positive impact for international families.

We are looking for a balance of committee members, for example:

  • Charity governance + Grants / funding expert
  • Lawyer – Relocation expert
  • Lawyer – Hague expert
  • CAFCASS / social worker
  • Mediator
  • Research / Academic
  • Domestic Violence expert
  • MP

Our Advisory committee will:

  • Give wider professional perspectives on Relocation and IPCA as well as on charity governance and funding.
  • Provide insight into our goals discuss direction, projects & services
  • Add credibility and professionalism to the organisation
  • Develop ambassadors for GlobalARRK & it’s services

Advisory Committee Role & Responsibilities:

  • Give advice and support to our board of trustees. There would be no legal responsibility or decision-making authority however the trustees will be listening.
  • Share expertise on the direction of the projects and charity in general
  • Meet as a group online or preferably in person in London twice or three times a year at a date mutually convenient and arranged well in advance
  • Communicate with Roz Osborne, chair, in between where necessary to advance projects

You will enjoy:

  • Giving back and helping families in need
  • Networking opportunities
  • Visibility and recognition: online and at events
  • Tea and cake! 😊

We are looking for a volunteer who could take on the role of researching funding opportunities and writing funding applications.

We are hoping to find somebody who shares our passion for helping families in need abroad, and who would be able to spare at least half a day per week in researching trusts and writing bid applications to funders.

This is a home-based role and the hours are flexible to suit you and your commitments. Access to the internet and a telephone is essential for this role.

Skills and Experience Required

Volunteer Duties:
• To research, compile, edit, proofread and send applications to a variety of grant making trusts and foundations.
• To compile and maintain a database of national and local donor organisations suitable for GlobalARRK
• To liaise with the organising committee regarding bid applications
• Establish and achieve bid application deadlines
• Research and develop funding opportunities


  • IT literacy (Microsoft Office, internet & databases).
    • Experience in writing funding applications preferred but not essential
    • Excellent written communication skills
    • Excellent organisational abilities
    • An ability to work sensitively and have a commitment to equal opportunities and confidentiality.
    • A knowledge of the charity sector and funding within it preferred but not essential

GlobalARRK’s Duties
• To provide additional training as required, induction and ongoing support.
• To follow up any issues or concerns raised.
• To provide travel expenses as necessary.
• To liaise regularly with the Volunteer.

We are looking for volunteers to moderate our peer support groups on Facebook.

The aims:

  • To make sure the group is a safe, supportive environment for stuck parents who are often vulnerable.
  • To make sure that GlobalARRK is offering as much ongoing information & support as we can. Often our experienced Admin team know the answer to questions raised in the group, the moderator will be in contact with Admin teams to pass on info

We are looking for 3 moderators to do 2 days each per week and will involve checking the site when notifications come in on your days.

You need:

  • A non- judgmental and open-minded, compassionate approach
  • A calm and caring attitude
  • 4+hours a week – over 2 days
  • Your own computer & internet connection (we all currently work from home)
  • To be based in UK