Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes

Please see below some of our paid and volunteering roles currently on offer. Email info@globalarrk.org for more information

We are looking for volunteers to moderate our peer support groups on Facebook.

The aims:

  • To make sure the group is a safe, supportive environment for stuck parents who are often vulnerable.
  • To make sure that GlobalARRK is offering as much ongoing information & support as we can. Often our experienced Admin team know the answer to questions raised in the group, the moderator will be in contact with Admin teams to pass on info

We are looking for 3 moderators to do 2 days each per week and will involve checking the site when notifications come in on your days.

You need:

  • A non- judgmental and open-minded, compassionate approach
  • A calm and caring attitude
  • 4+hours a week – over 2 days
  • Your own computer & internet connection (we all currently work from home)
  • To be based in UK

Would you like to make a difference to the lives of ‘stuck’ families? 

Do you have specialist knowledge in the law, charity governance, domestic abuse, management or fundraising? 

Are you passionate about our mission? To prevent international custody disputes and reduce their devastating impact on children and parents stuck in a foreign country by raising awareness and connecting parents to support services to meet their needs.

If the answers are yes please consider becoming a charity Trustee for GlobalARRK. We are working to build a larger more diverse board in order to make the charity more sustainable and to have greater impact on our beneficiaries.

A recent feedback from a Stuck Parent:

“ It’s been a lifesaver. I don’t think there’s any other organization that does anything like this.”

Trustees Pack

Thanks for your interest!

Current volunteer vacancies:


If you are interested in joining the volunteer team please email info@globalarrk.org