Preventing International custody disputes and reducing their devastating impact on children

Our vision is of a world where few families go through international custody crisis but when it does happen they have all the support they need. 

Many families move abroad and think that if it doesn’t work out they can simply move back again. However, if one parent wants the child to stay the other must get permission from the local court to allow the child to leave. This application is called Relocation or Leave to Remove. The process can be costly and take many years. If they don’t get the proper permissions and ‘take’ their child they can be accused of International Child Abduction under The Hague Convention. Visa restrictions, unemployment, poverty, language barriers and loneliness can make life impossible for the now ‘Stuck’ parent and child. The parent sometimes has no choice but to return to their home country without their child.

GlobalARRK is the only charity specialising in supporting Stuck Parents

Are you a Stuck Parent?

Have you moved abroad and the other parent forbids you to move with your children to the place you consider home? We offer support to all parents who are unable to return home with their children, or have had to leave their children behind after a relationship breakdown abroad.

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Latest News

GlobalARRK launches its Remote Legal Clinic

GlobalARRK is delighted to announce that this month we launched our first pilot Remote Legal Clinic session! This month the clinic benefited from legal advice from MSB / Katie Camozzi. We are grateful to all of our Network partners who have signed up so far including Carolina Marin Pedreno, Marianna Michaelides, Sarah Inchley, Forum Shah, Kirsty Leedam, Simon Craddock, Kim Lehal, Joanna Farrands, Alison Leviesley, Gemma Kelsey,Amy Rowe and Maria Wright. The Legal Clinic enables Stuck Parents who are without legal representation to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable solicitor regarding a 1980 Hague Convention International Parental Abduction or International Relocation matter in England and Wales. This project is funded by The National Lottery Grant we received earlier this year and seeks to: We are delighted to announce we will be rolling this out as a monthly service from Autumn 2024 for our service users. MSB

GlobalARRK launches four Reports today in preparation for the Forum on the HC and DV

This week sees the HCCH’s Forum on Domestic Violence and the Operation of Article 13(1)(b) of the 1980 Child Abduction Convention begins, with GlobalARRK CEO Roz and Trustee Ruth speaking in a number of sessions to highlight the key issues facing stuck parents impacted by the Hague Convention 1980. In response to the Forum, we are delighted to announce we have launched four new reports in which highlight the key issues : Report 1: Models for monitoring the impact of the 1980 Abduction ConventionReport 2: Relocation ReportReport 3: The aftermath of Hague Convention decisions:Report 4: International Child Law: the mental health effects on ‘Stuck’ parents Check them out here: If you are interested in following the Forum, follow us over on X / Twitter for our live tweets. @GlobalARRK

GA Webinar on Protective Measures

In June our CEO Roz spoke alongside international family law experts Mr Justice Williams, Sirin Yuce, Stephen Cullen and Damien Greer on the subject of the effectiveness of Protective Measures under the Hague 1980 Abduction Convention. Many thanks to legal network partners Amy Rowe, Dawson Cornwell and Dr Maria Wright of Hunters Law for organising and chairing the event.


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The GlobalARRK mission

To prevent international custody disputes and reduce their devastating impact on children and parents ‘stuck’ in a foreign country by raising awareness and connecting parents to support services to meet their needs

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