Roz is the founder of GlobalARRK, which she started in 2012 when she was a stuck parent in Portugal. Roz and the amazing team of volunteers and staff have achieved so much since 2012: supporting over a thousand stuck parents, raising awareness of the issues, promoting research and collecting statistics.

Due to the hundreds of cases, Roz has been involved with over the years, she has a deep understanding of the challenges stuck parents typically face. She works tirelessly to improve the situation on every level: attending international events, meeting with policymakers and working with individual parents.

Diverse life experiences have guided her role as the Director of GlobalARRK. Previously she has been a charity trustee, a project coordinator and successful in securing funding bids. However, the cornerstone of her motivation and experience lies in her work directly with children.

Roz has a post-graduate degree in Education and has specialised in English language as well as music teaching. In addition, having her own children and stepchildren remind her how lucky she is and make her determined to help those less fortunate.