I moved to Spain in 2011, found a job and a place to stay immediately, even though I was only a teen. Five years later, I entered into a relationship with my children’s father, who I had known for about 3 years. I very quickly became pregnant with my son, then a few years later had my daughter. We struggled financially as my partner was in and out of work and had no family nearby to help. Things went from bad to worse, he quickly became abusive – mentally and physically.
I first realised I was ‘stuck’ shortly after my daughter was born. Throughout both of my pregnancies, my partner became abusive, both physically and mentally. He was narcissistic, never apologised and made out like it was always my fault. I became depressed and anxious, it was then I realised I desperately needed my family and it was time to go home. When I mentioned it to my partner, he said that there was no way I’d take the children without him and he would file for full custody should I attempt to leave.
I contacted GlobalARRK at the beginning of this year, after 4 years of struggling financially and mentally. I saw no other option and was desperate for advice – would I be able to up and leave or would I need to wait it out a bit longer?
GlobalARRK set up a phone call with me to talk to somebody, sent over all relevant information and was overall the ear I needed. They advised on the best thing to do, gave me access to legal information, contacts, and most of all LISTENED. They gave me the courage to speak to my partner and give the ultimatum of come, or stay, but I’m going either way.
We will be moving back to the UK as a family in April of this year! I feel very optimistic and as much as me and my partner have struggled, we have decided to try again, turn over a new leaf and see what happens.
My hopes and dreams are that I will be in a situation to provide financially for my children, give them a better life. Not have to worry about my fridge being empty, and having the mental stability to walk away eventually with my children.
I couldn’t have made the decision without the advice and support from GlobalARRK. A 25 minute phone call and putting things into perspective was all I needed. A conversation with someone I didn’t know, but made me feel like I could trust them, made me feel comfortable enough to open up so that they could give me the advice necessary and point me in the right direction. I cannot thank you enough.