One of our charitable aims is to enable every stuck parent to access good legal advice, even if they are financially poor. We will not recommend unknown lawyers that we have not spoken to or worked with. We need to know that each firm we recommend is sympathetic as well as committed and experienced.

We recommend lawyers based on where they operate, geographically, as well as on the feedback we get from the parents and the information you provide on the online form. For example if we receive a request for a lawyer in London we will look through the form responses and pass on the lawyer’s contact details to the parent.

We will do this free of charge to both the parent and the law firm. However, we do expect the firms we work with to give a little back – both to the charity and to the individual parents. We are looking for companies to offer a certain amount of free advice to our stuck parents, and to sometimes take on Pro bono work for those in need. As a charity we sometimes need legal help, for example checking a document. On the online form you are asked to select how you would like to help GlobalARRK. We feel that this should benefit all concerned – you will receive recommendations for your business and we will be achieving our charitable aims.

If you would be happy to help GlobalARRK and the parents we support, please continue with this form:

We look forward to hearing from you! Any questions or suggestions: just send us an email.