Global Action on Relocation & Return with Kids

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About GlobalARRK

Founded in 2012 and registered as a UK charity in 2016 (UK Registered Charity Number 1170455), GlobalARRK is the only charity specialising in helping stuck parents. 

Made up entirely of parent volunteers, we have coordinators in 10 different countries and support hundreds of stuck parents in over 35 different countries worldwide.

We value your confidentiality and do not pass your details onto anyone without your consent.

What we do

We support parents

  • Provide chat-line support online through Facebook and email
  • Connect parents locally around the world
  • Signpost to other helpful resources & organisations

We raise awareness of the issues

  • Publish information
  • Help the media to inform the public
  • Highlight issues for decision makers
  • Give informative talks and presentations                                                                                                                 

We promote research & collect statistics