Global Action on Relocation & Return with Kids

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We are eligible for Gift Aid so if you are a UK taxpayer please donate through MyDonate and we receive 25% extra! So for £10 we receive £12.50!

Please donate to support our cause. 

We are the only charity in the world working to prevent families from going through the anguish of being 'stuck' abroad. 

All of our services are free and we rely entirely on donations. 

GlobalARRK is registered UK charity operating globally. We are run on a voluntary basis, we don't receive any payment in return for the time we work to help parents around the world.  

We have achieved a lot with very little funding. We currently:

  • Run education campaigns to ‘Know Before you Go’ and provide free advice which literally saves parents from losing contact with their children. 
  • Provide a network of parents in many countries so that the stuck parent can cope better while trapped abroad. This enables primary carers to stay with their children.
  • Link parents up with experienced lawyers so that every parent has access to legal advice. 
  • Collect statistics on this issue and use them to better inform governments. 
  • Support stuck parents daily through our Facebook and Email chatline

Nobody is publicising this issue: migration agents, governments and TV programmes are all keeping this quiet. 

It's up to us.

 Please donate, even if it's just a few pounds. ALL funds go to raising awareness of this massively important issue. 

Please help us in stopping the heartache caused to thousands of families.

Thank you in advance for your support,

From the GlobalARRK team

What they don't tell you about moving abroad!"  - Youtube