Global Action on Relocation & Return with Kids

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Supporting parents who have moved abroad 
cannot return home with their children.

What all parents need to know BEFORE they move abroad:
Many families move abroad and think that if it doesn't work out they can simply move back again. However, if one parent wants the child to stay the other must get permission from the local court to allow the child to leave. This process can be costly and take many years. Visa restrictions, unemployment, poverty, language barriers and loneliness can make life impossible for the now 'stuck' parent and child. The parent often has no choice but to return to their home country without their child. 
GlobalARRK is the only charity specialising in supporting stuck parents around the world. 

Are you a stuck parent? Have you moved abroad and the other parent forbids you to take your children home? We support all parents who are unable to return home or have had to leave their children behind after a relationship breakdown abroad
We can offer you information and a peer support network.  Click here!

The GlobalARRK mission:  To help prevent international child residence disputes and reduce their devastating impact on children and their parents by raising awareness about relocating and returning home with kids, bringing together and supporting stuck parents around the world and using research to promote a better understanding of the underlying issues behind so-called

 "Parental Child Abduction".

Stuck parent survey: Knowledge is power! If you are a stuck parent please join hundreds of stuck parents in adding your experiences to our anonymous survey. You can help to bring much needed understanding on this issue .  Click here!

Read The Economist article "Unhappily ever after: For multi-national families, breaking up can lead to tragedy", featuring stories from stuck parents.