GlobalARRK Action on Relocation and Return with Kids UK Regd. Charity Number 1170455 


Supporting parents who have moved abroad and cannot return home with their children.

GlobalARRK is the only registered charity in the world (that we know of!) specialising in helping 'stuck parents'. We are made up entirely of volunteers, and currently have coordinators in 10 different countries supporting hundreds of stuck parents in 36 different countries.

A stuck parent is a parent who, after a relocation abroad followed by parental disputes, is unable to return to their home country with their children or is forced to be separated from them because they are unable to remain in that country together.

We have a lively Facebook page called 'GlobalARRK: Action on Relocation and Return with Kids. Expat Stuck Parent',  we tweet @GlobalARRK  and of course this website. 

Our mission is:
To prevent international child residence disputes and dramatically reduce their devastating impact on families by: raising awareness about relocating and returning with kids, bringing together and supporting Stuck Parents* around the world and using research to promote a better understanding of the underlying issues behind ‘Parental Child Abduction’.

We  sometimes run campaigns which support our main aims and try to prevent more expat parents becoming stuck abroad and / or losing their children . Contact us to get involved!