GlobalARRK Action on Relocation and Return with Kids 


For parents everywhere stuck in a foreign country

GlobalARRK is a charitable organisation which is run entirely by volunteers. It was set up in 2012  by mums who have been through it, come out the other side but not forgotten! It was set up to help 'stuck parents' - this means parents who are unable to return to their home country with their kids because of parental disputes and habitual residence laws. 

We have a lively Facebook page called 'Expat Stuck Mums',  twitter feeds - @GlobalARRK and @ExpatParentInt and this website. 
We aim to:
Raise awareness to prevent this situation through working with the media; contacting decision makers; attending migration fairs and publishing information
Support parents through email and Facebook messages; sharing experiences and linking up parents so they can form local support networks
Campaign to change the law so that Expat families wanting to return home are not put into the same category as abduction cases. We are also campaigning for more information to become available to families hoping to move abroad.

Email us for the link to our questionnaire for stuck parents. Thanks.